AoC Sport Introducing Partner Information

AoC Sport Introducing is a digital campaign to promote and introduce new organisations, sports and physical activities to engage students especially those who are not currently active in ‘traditional’ sports in a series of online campaigns and in person taster sessions. 

The project will begin as a social campaign with branded posts and resources colleges can use, utilising our digital space including our website, social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, Youtube). With the aim to promote new sports and organisations with information, key facts and activities to engage with colleges and students.  

  1. To introduce new sports and activities to AoC sport member colleges and students 
  2. To introduce non sporty / inactive students to different sports and physical activities  
  3. Engage new student audiences and increase our reach and following on social media. 
The purpose of this form is to collect key information from partners to use as part of our AoC Sport introducing campaign, we will follow up with you in regards to the content and plan for the coming year.